Here Is Everything You Must Know To Comply With the Amazon Copyrights and Their Infringement Related Policies

Here Is Everything You Must Know To Comply With the Amazon Copyrights and Their Infringement Related Policies

Amazon claims itself to be the world’s most successful and trusted online market place which is undoubtedly a truth. Such fame and repute never ever comes in a day without putting in your blood, sweat, and tears. Same is the case with Amazon. They have fought their very tooth and nails so as to stand where they are standing today. One of the most valid reasons for Amazon’s triumph is their unbending behavior towards wicked and unethical business practices.

Amazon never ever compromises on any immoral or corrupt practice. In fact, it goes an extra mile to nip such practices in the bud even before there is a chance of their occurrence. Amazon has various explicitly stated policies concerning each and every action which has to take place through their site. Amazon Copyrights infringement law is one of those policies too and it controls much of the sellers’ actions.

What is Copyrights Infringement?

As a merchant on Amazon, you are provided with a specific trademark or copyright which distinguishes you from others. Every seller on Amazon is expected to respect the other’s copyrights and trademarks. Amazon, as the controlling party, ensures that no one tries to infringe the other’s copyright. Copyright infringement can occur in various ways and each one of them is dealt with strictly by Amazon.

How Can I Avoid Infringing Someone’s Copyrights Unknowingly

Here are some ways in which copyrights infringement occurs. As a new seller, you must be cautious enough not to do these.

1- Using another vendor’s name of name somewhat similar to their brand’s name to sell your product is strictly prohibited. One can only do it if they have been granted authorization by the second party.

2- Trying to list your products using another person’s ASIN. Even when this sometimes happens accidentally, it is surely an infringement of someone’s rights. Therefore, you must stay careful whilst listing the products.

3- Manufacturing a product that is an exact copy of someone else’s produce is also an immoral trade practice. Anyone found to be doing so is punished by Amazon under infringement indict.

4- Selling someone else’s product even with their name is an infringement on their copyrights. If you really feel the need to do so, you must first take permission from them. After they grant you the permission, only then you can start selling it.

5- Copying someone else’s product description as it is or taking their product’s pictures for your use is unethical. This also comes under infringement in Amazon.

6- Selling someone’s works of art like books, paintings, articles, etc. also comes under trespassing of privileges. However, this usually gets mingled with the first seller privileges and is not punished on Amazon.

7- Submitting an untruthful infringement complaint is also a contravention in itself. Be very careful while submitting a complaint against anyone otherwise, it can make you suffer.